Falling for Jack


Billionaire Jack Lucas isn’t happy when arrested for the kidnapping of Princess Lara of Challoner and forced to face her irate parents – the King and Queen.

But not as mad as Lara when she discovers Jack has paid big money to secure her as his royal bride.

Publisher - www.champagnebooks.com



- 5 Stars - This book by Carlisle is romance at its very best. The characters are so real and the blend of cultures magnificently captured. The love scenes are to die for! I can't wait for more royal books from this terrific author. Jodie Stewart

* * * * *

Christina's latest book is a true delight. It sets the scene for a most intriguing and successful trilogy. As usual her characters are so believable that you are instantly drawn with them from a remote paradise to the grandeur of the monarchy. Through the story our current media savvy fast-paced world is contrasted with the traditional and slowly changing 'don't question anything' world. The sequel is eagerly awaited as I know it will be a darn good read! Keep them coming, Christina. Edna Bates. 4 Stars

* * * * *

- 5 Stars - I loved this book from beginning to end. The characters have been beautifully written by this author and it is a story I can truly believe. Can’t wait for Book 2 in this trilogy. Jean Symons.